Guest Speaker

*The 2018 Guest Speaker Bio and Talk Summary will be updated later in the year.*


Karl Geunther, MBA

Process Improvement Advisor, FedEx Express

Karl Guenther Karl joined FedEx Express in 1997. Prior to FedEx, Karl worked in the consulting industry, including four years with KPMG. Prior to his current assignment, Karl managed the Organization Effectiveness Solutions, Center for Continuous Learning, HR Measures & Support, and Quality & Performance Improvement teams. Over the years, he has led organizations to reengineer processes and operations. He has also led organizations responsible for Continuous Self Development Culture, Quality Driven Management Culture, HR Analytics, Performance Management & Talent Management, and Employee Sentiment Survey programs. Karl Guenther is a Process Improvement Advisor in the Global Leadership Institute in FedEx Express.

In 2011, Karl began the design of a leadership development program for high potential non-management employees. The program launched in 2013 as a 10 month leadership journey for up to 25 people from any division in Express and any region across the globe. The program leverages distance-based pre-learning, virtual class discussion groups, three main events where people come together at different points in the year and an umbrella/capstone project which is used to apply the lessons being learned throughout the program. Demand for the program has exceeded availability and this year department plans to double the number of seats offered.

This past summer, Karl stepped out of management to focus on modernizing and revamping the Managing Director and below leadership programs for Express. Industrywide innovations in Learner Analytics, Measurement, Delivery Modes, Collaboration, and Knowledge Repositories provide an exciting new framework on which a leadership development journey can sit.

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